How to Develop and Implement an Automation Strategy

How to Develop and Implement an Automation Strategy

Making the Business Case for Your Automation Program

Automation is an essential tool for your organization to implement a digital transformation program.

According to a recent survey of the SAPinsider community, close to half of respondents said that their top action supporting transformation is implementing automation tools and technologies in both new and existing systems. More than one-third of respondents said that they need to update systems and processes to leverage automation.

To help SAP customers navigate their automation journey, SAPinsider recently held an Executive Roundtable with Brenton O’Callaghan, Chief Customer Officer at Avantra, and Robert MacDonald, Innovation and Technology Manager at Absoft. In this roundtable, O’Callaghan and MacDonald share their experiences implementing automation and developing a robust automation strategy.

Watch this roundtable and learn:

  • How to think strategically about your automation implementation.
  • How to develop a business case for your automation program.
  • What metrics to use in measuring the success of your automation effort.

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