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How Tech Execs are Leading Organizational Change

Thursday, September 15 at 11 AM EST

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Learn what separates high-performing change leaders from those who struggle with change.

⇨ Explore the key drivers of change within most SAP organizations and how leaders are leveraging automation and data to manage through the challenges that they face.

⇨ Understand why and how high performing organizations are taking a more comprehensive approach to change management that goes far deeper than leveraging soft skills and that institutionalizes change structures such as centers of excellence.

Research Webinar: How Tech Execs are Leading Organizational Change

Change has come in many forms for business and IT leaders across all industries. Geopolitical events, market forces, changing consumer behavior, and commodity price fluctuations have all put various pressures on decision-makers. Add to the fact that technology is rapidly evolving and transitions to new solutions such as SAP S/4HANA and the Cloud have placed numerous options and impacts on leaders’ plates.

Join this webinar on How Tech Execs are Leading Organizational Change to discover how 130 executives of the SAPinsider member organizations determine how they are digesting change and making the most out of the opportunities that have arisen.

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