Change the Way you Work with SAP Through Automation Hosted by Precisely

Change the Way you Work with SAP Through Automation Hosted by Precisely

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Businesses face multiple challenges to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. The ability to adapt to sudden changes in the economy, meet the demands of well-informed customers and compete against highly agile competitors all drive the need for new ways of doing business. Complicating matters is an explosion of data, legacy systems that struggle to manage it and processes that were developed decades ago which are not suited for a modern, digitized world.

In this session we will discuss how the struggles created by all these factors can be overcome through effective automation of SAP processes. We will talk about what’s driving the need for automation today, and how companies are adopting both desktop and process automation platforms to solve previously slow, manual, expensive and time-consuming SAP processes. You’ll discover how multiple companies are using automation to achieve business results that enable them to thrive even in the face of sudden market changes and complex business environments.

From this session you will learn:

  • Why automation is so important in today’s environment
  • How desktop automation of SAP processes can help deliver immediate benefits to your business
  • What specific benefits process automation can bring to complex SAP product introduction processes

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