Bringing Your Digital Factory to Life: Driving Value with SAP Digital Manufacturing

Webinar On-Demand

Meet the Experts

  • Ray Fager

    Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Kings Hawaiian Baker

  • Kristina Sturek

    Practice Lead, Digital Manufacturing, Illumiti, A Syntax Company

  • Roman Freidel

    Global Lead, Manufacturing Center of Excellence, Syntax

Key Takeaways

⇨ Learn How to Build Sustainable Connected Manufacturing Processes

⇨ Learn How to Build Top Floor to Shop Floor Visibility

⇨ Learn How to Build State-of-the-Art Business Processes

Connected machines are only the first step in making the digital factory a reality. To capture real, lasting business value, companies need to collect and analyze process data produced by their plant machinery in real time.  View our round table discussion as we uncover the path to transforming your manufacturing processes with SAP Digital Manufacturing, a cloud-based, data-driven shop-floor manufacturing execution solution.

Learn how both Discrete and Process manufacturers are harnessing SAP Digital Manufacturing to boost agility, responsiveness, and efficiency. View our discussion will feature a panel discussion with King’s Hawaiian about their recent experiences and how they were able to leverage SAP Digital Manufacturing to build:

    • Sustainable Connected Manufacturing Processes
    • Top Floor to Shop Floor Visibility
    • State-of-the-Art Business Processes

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