Turbocharge SAP Analytics Through No-Code Data Integration

Turbocharge SAP Analytics Through No-Code Data Integration

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SAP’s enterprise software is used by 80% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies and 98% of the world’s most valuable brands. Whether a company is using SAP’s ERP, supply chain, spend management or human resource solutions, your data is useless if you can’t analyze it.

Data Analysis is crucial to growth and organization effectiveness. But processing data from various systems into a “single source of truth” has always been time-consuming and expensive, if not impossible. The new world of no-code data integration has arrived— and it’s faster and easier than ever.

Everyone is invited into the fast lane

Enter Precog — the first true no-code data connector that any sized business can set up and use in as little as a few minutes. Any user can pull data from hundreds of sources — including  SAP heavyweights listed below — and send the data to SAP Datasphere and other leading data warehouses and databases.

Precog is a critical element to enable the SAP Data Fabric.

Setup made simple

All Precog needs to work are the standard authentication/API credentials. Here’s an example of what’s needed to connect to SAP Ariba Analytical:

  • Application Key
  • OAuth Client Id
  • OAuth Secret
  • Realm

Once you hit save, you will have instant access to your available Ariba datasets. All that’s left is to set up your destination.

Most SAP customers who use Precog for data integration, use SAP Datasphere (formerly SAP Data Warehouse Cloud), but other options include, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, SQL Server and Kafka.

Probably at minute 5, you’ll find yourself a click away from accessing your SAP data. Once you tap “Create Pipeline” Precog will begin moving all of your historical data, a process that can take as quickly as a few minutes, depending on the data source’s allowed API speed.

The final and best step is where you configure your data automation.

Yes, you can run Precog on your terms as we have standard schedules and a Cron statement editor at your disposal

FAQs (e.g. what about custom fields?)

  • How do you deal with the limitations of OData?

Precog leverages OData as needed, however, we expand on its limitations. We get all your data (not just the limited data available through OData), full Change Data Capture/Delta incremental loads, no data size limitations, API throttling support, and thousands of sources.

  • SAP consistently updates its APIs; how does that affect me?
    • Precog is able to maintain an updated API connection with SAP on a continuous basis, assuring your team you are getting the most out of your Precog connection.
  • How do I handle SAP’s API rate limiting?
    • Precog does that for you; your connection will automatically detect rate limits and pause if need be. Once the rate limit expires, Precog will automatically continue pulling your data.
  • My SAP product’s instance contains more data than I care to measure; how do you keep my data fresh?
    • Your initial historical load time can fluctuate from a few minutes to a few days depending on your product and amount of data. However, each subsequent load will be managed by only refreshing updated rows using incremental loading. This ensures your team is getting only new data quickly as incremental loading dramatically increases performance and can complete as quickly as one minute.
  • Can I really maintain this connection without code?
    • Yes! Precog’s no-code platform guarantees you will never need to write another line of Python code to pull SAP data ever again.
  • My SAP implementation contains many custom fields — can Precog handle it?
    • Precog is configured to automatically detect custom tables and rows.

Why Now?

Many companies, likely yours, are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars maintaining API connections across the enterprise. We have identified specific ways your team will save by letting Precog automate the (data) load.

  • With Precog, data  integration is simple: there’s no code, therefore there’s no documentation, no code repos, no developers, no management
  • With Precog, data  integration is easy: this is a big one — 1000s of hours savers over the course of a year
  • With Precog, time to value can be measured in minutes! Faster time to insight is probably the most important one — it will take a few minutes compared to months? Weeks? Days? Join a demo and we’ll run our stop clock. 
  • With Precog Data Integration is scalable: Precog supports hundreds of sources today and is certified to industry-standard data protection, including Soc 2 Type 2, GDPR, and HIPAA. This means you can start blending your data with not only SAP products but all software you use today. And if you don’t see a source, just ask.

Ready for a change?

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide are already using Precog to transform their analytics workflows and turbocharge their value from large software investments.. The benefits are big — but only you know how impactful it will be to have a no-code, real-time data integration solution for your most important business data. Interested? Please contact us!

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