Precog’s AI-Powered ELT Platform Makes Loading Data into SAP DataSphere Simple and Fast

Precog’s AI-Powered ELT Platform Makes Loading Data into SAP DataSphere Simple and Fast

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AI-powered data integration for SAP

Precog is an AI-driven data integration platform that works specifically with SAP Datasphere and the business technology platform (BTP).  At Precog, we took a different approach to data integration. We’re using AI and machine learning to make it easier to get data out of APIs.  So we provide an AI-driven connectivity platform that allows you to get data from all your different SAP applications like Concur, SuccessFactors, Ariba, and S/4HANAIt also works with non-SAP applications.

No-code data loading to SAP Datasphere

Applications like Microsoft 365 or Google Analytics.  We allow you to get all that data ingested into your SAP Datasphere platform and then perform analytics and machine learning.  Vendors who have historically done this have done this using essentially coding. They hand-build these connections, which is a very slow and brittle process.  By using AI, what we’ve been able to do is make it very easy to create these connections, manage these connections, and deliver them.  It increases the accuracy of the data, decreases problems with the connectivity, and just makes the entire process more seamless and flow better.

Multi-source analytics using SAP BTP

SAP’s business technology platform, or BTP, is a key target for our data integration platform.  What BTP and Datasphere bring is a way to keep all of that within the BTP platform.  In terms of value to the customer, that allows them to keep all of their data inside their SAP universe.

Radically reducing “Time to Insight”

Companies all over the world use SAP’s BTP platform.  They use it to ingest data from literally hundreds, probably 1000s of different data sources that are critical to their business.  What BTP does is bring it all together in a unified way that makes it very easy for customers to get value from their data.  We’re essentially enabling the customers to get more value quickly from the data within their business technology platform environment.

By bringing it all together inside of SAP Datasphere, it allows them to create the analytics and the machine learning they need to run their businesses better.  You can go to and learn more about the different applications that we support, how you can set up an account within Precog, and start using it with your SAP Datasphere environment.

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