enosix ServiceNow Explainer Video

enosix ServiceNow Explainer Video

Look here.

Then look over here. Then look back here. Then look over here again.

Sound familiar when you’re using modern business applications with ServiceNow, and you can’t connect to a legacy ERP system like SAP. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly connect your SAP ERP platform with ServiceNow?

Providing real time access to manage purchase order, ask or supply chain matters?

Achieve true digital transformation for modern business?

Sure. But traditional SAP integration is slow. Clunky, complex, and expensive.

If developers don’t have working knowledge of SAP APIs, the integrations might not work as expected, the data risks might grow exponentially, and you’re left wanting best of breed solutions to your business needs.

Anostics delivers citizen Integrator ready pre built client proven SAP integrations for real time access, meaning no need for you to design, code, or test.

Your IT resources remain focused on other projects, not custom coding that has long term maintenance implications.

With optimized APIs and SAP objects natively inherit SAP logic. AnOSix’s low code pre built solution ensures your business users have one hundred percent data accuracy. We’re induced manual efforts, while preventing employees from getting swivel chair whiplash.

AnOSix virtualizes SAP information right in service now. So users can respond to changes quickly.

Realizing true automation makes day to day processes easier and more accurate and improves employee satisfaction, increasing your overall efficiency, and giving your business greater agility for profit and growth.

So look here.

Only here. See how Enosix integrates SAP and ServiceNow at enosix dot com.

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