SAP + Tricentis Aligning a quality-first mindset to SAP Activate

Key Takeaways

⇨ Give an overview of SAP Activate, SAP’s methodology to deploy, adopt, and extend new capabilities across your organization.

⇨ Share strategies for aligning quality to each phase of SAP Activate, including the best time to outline scope, address gaps, and create a test plan to ultimately reduce project risk.

⇨ Explain how placing an early emphasis on quality during migration projects can both minimize delays and ensure that each wave of changes achieves the desired result.

Unlock the power of SAP S/4HANA Cloud with our exclusive webinar! Discover how aligning quality engineering with SAP Activate can supercharge your deployment process. Join industry experts from SAP and Tricentis as they delve into SAP’s cutting-edge methodology, offering strategic insights to reduce project risks and accelerate transformation. Learn the best practices for outlining scope, addressing gaps, and crafting a robust test plan to ensure seamless transitions. With early emphasis on quality assurance, you’ll minimize delays and achieve superior results with every wave of change. Don’t miss out on this essential knowledge to fast-track your SAP journey!

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