Resilience in the Healthcare Sector

Key Takeaways

⇨ Employee well-being in healthcare is crucial, especially during systemic staff shortages and high stress.

⇨ The sector faces challenges in workforce management from recruitment to retention.

⇨ Holistic approaches to employee support lead to individual and organisational resilience.

Healthcare providers face an imperative duty to holistically support their employees, especially during periods of high stress and peak demand. With the current systemic staff shortages, many healthcare workers feel overburdened and burned out, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive workforce management strategies, from recruitment to retention. Notably, Louise Schaper, CEO of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, Bernadette Eather of Ramsay Australia, Lee Ridoutt, Principal Consultant of Human Capital Alliance, and Coppelia Rose from DXC Technology, along with other experts, highlight the necessity of embedding employee well-being as a core business process and building organisational resilience.

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