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Xpandion, an Appsian Security Company, focuses on the areas of SAP security, GRC and license optimization. Our solution is a user-friendly, easily deployed, automated management solution for companies of all sizes. It delivers unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time authorization usage, significantly improving security while reducing fraud and leakage of sensitive data. Xpandion partners with Connor Consulting, a global professional services firm focused on delivering high-value Revenue Assurance, License Advisory and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services to customers around the globe.

Featured Products

  • Revamping The Process of Access Review and Certification image

    Revamping The Process of Access Review and Certification

    By automating the access reviews and certification process, organizations will be able to reduce errors and improve efficiency while saving resources. It has proven to reduce manual work to near zero, allowing internal auditors to focus on more high-risk authorizations access and other potential security risks.

  • Automate Processes, Increase Security and Cut Costs image

    Automate Processes, Increase Security and Cut Costs

    Take control over user lifecycle management also known as joiner, mover, leaver process. Automate and simply the process of onboarding and offboarding employees to reduce cost and increase security. Events like the hiring and severance of employees can quickly turn into security nightmares if done manually and not well controlled.

  • Continuous Optimization of SAP Licensing image

    Continuous Optimization of SAP Licensing

    Many companies invest heavily on SAP. Ensure you are utilizing your investment properly by classifying each user to the appropriate license type for how they using SAP. If you’re migrating to S/4 HANA, it’s time to review your SAP license landscape before you migrating so you know what you need.

Featured Content

  • The Definitive Playbook to Defend Against SAP image

    The Definitive Playbook to Defend Against SAP

    SAP has its own auditing methodology. Compound these unique auditing methodologies with highly complex IT environments, and it’s no wonder many customers miss key information when they acquire SAP software and end up using more licenses than they planned for. In the eBook, we leveraged our deep knowledge and proven track record to compile a list of leading practices you need in your toolkit.

  • 9 Best Practices for Starting a SoD Project image

    9 Best Practices for Starting a SoD Project

    We recently met with a few of our global customers as well as prospective clients, and we were able to gain a great deal of insight regarding one of the most talked about topics, segregation of duties. Some of the companies say that segregation of duties is only for the auditors, while some companies understand the importance of enforcing the rules over user authorizations.

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  • Private: Protect Your Data From Cyber-attacks

    Cyberattacks have increased over the years and many organizations are failing to properly safeguard their data. Download a copy to learn more about how to protect yourself from cyber attacks.
  • Private: The SAP Authorization Concepts

    The SAP Authorization Concept protects SAP systems against unauthorized access and system use – and can be viewed as the key to SAP security.
  • Private: 5 Ways to Reduce Your SAP Spending

    Although many corporations spend millions of dollars on SAP, many do not know which licenses are being consumed nor do they know which licenses are required for each user.
  • Brighthouse Financial Accelerates User Provisioning Cycles image

    How to Conduct an Access Review Guide

    Why should I be performing authorization reviews? The process of reviewing authorizations enables enterprises to verify that authorizations granted to employees are still valid. This process entails that a manager goes through each authorization allocated to each of his/her employees, and decide whether to remove or keep it. Download your free copy today to learn…