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Techwave Consulting

Techwave is an integrated End-to-End service provider that leverages SAP S/4 HANA-based technologies to Solve Real Business Problems.

Featured Solutions

  • SAP S/4HANA - Public & Private

    Accelerate your digital business transformation through SAP's RISE program. Whether you are running SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA, RISE with SAP will enable a secure migration for your on-premise ERP to the cloud to future-proof your business. Leverage Techwave's years of SAP expertise and industry knowledge to optimize your SAP investments.

  • SAP Customer Experience

    SAP CX provides a full suite of features and components that deliver a 360-degree customer experience. Techwave supports you in selecting and implementing the products that best fit your business, ensuring maximum value and rapid delivery.

  • SAP HANA Operations

    As the world’s fourteenth SAP Partner, Techwave has been proving time to time that it can innovate and apply out-of-the-box technologies very quickly and super effectively.

Featured Content

  • ORION Data Migration Accelerator

    Techwave's ORION data migration accelerator is an easily customizable, diverse data solution that drives consistency, accuracy, and quality in data. With multiple controllable data driven modules, managing complex interdependent ERP applications for maintenance of data is flexible. Leverage Techwave’s advanced data management tool to put data at the top of your priority list.

  • AMS Made Simple

    focus on the running the business while Techwave keeps your SAP Applications running smoothly and empowering the users to optimize their processes.

Multimedia Center

  • Webinar: Accelerate SAP HANA with Testing Automation

    Find out how to dramatically decrease your HANA project timelines by attending this webinar! You will also learn about Test plan, Data integration, performance testing and more.

  • CIO Roundtable: Containers for Post-Pandemic IT Architecture

    Flexibility is the future. Modern business requires speed, scalability, and resilience. Wondering what the one-stop solution for all three is? It’s Containerization. Containerization allows applications to be written once and run anywhere. It eliminates IT infrastructure lock-ins and extracts complete advantage out of modern cloud architecture.

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