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Libelle LLC

Libelle AG has been your specialist for automation both in the SAP and non-SAP world for almost 25 years. Our solutions are aimed at the point instead of wanting to map the world model. This is exactly what made us the successful company that we are today.

Specifically, the solution portfolio includes automation solutions in the areas of availability and disaster recovery, anonymization, SAP Basis operation, SAP monitoring, SAP master data. These are spread over five technical business units where developers and consultants work hand in hand. This portfolio is supplemented by project services, managed services, training, etc.

Almost 100 colleagues work worldwide within the Libelle Group, the majority in Germany (Stuttgart, Schwelm, Bochum), but also in the USA (Libelle LLC, Atlanta) and France (Libelle Sarl, Paris). The share of non-technical colleagues including sales can be counted with two hands. Libelle is a technology company that works with a large network of distributors.

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  • Whitepaper: Libelle Business­Shadow® For SAP systems

    With the Libelle BusinessShadow® disaster recovery and high availability solution, SAP® landscapes can be mirrored with a time delay so that your company is protected not only from the consequences of hardware and application errors, but also from the consequences of elemental damage, sabotage or data loss due to human error.

  • Test data anonymization: The challenge of GDPR-compliant CSV files

    Whether on database level or files on operating system level (e.g. CSV files) with the solution Libelle DataMasking you master required anonymization and pseudonymization. The solution was designed to produce anonymized, logically consistent data on development, test and QA systems across all platforms. Meet the challenge of GDPR-compliant test data with Libelle DataMasking.

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  • What is master data within SAP?

    Through the purchase requisition (BANF for short), a department reports its need for material or services. This triggers a purchase order for the purchasing department. For a better understanding we will work out the master data from this example in the end. But first the question “What is SAP master data?” arises. What is behind…
  • Why is SAP reporting and monitoring important?

    Increasingly complex IT landscapes present companies with numerous challenges. In recent times, they increasingly need to be monitored and observed. Descriptove ash boards and rapid error detection, as well as the automation of error adjustment, are important tools for maintaining a clear and structured overall view. But what does monitoring and reporting actually mean? In…
  • Achieve Fully Automated System Refreshes on SAP HANA

    In this session, you will be presented with a demonstration of specific workflows, methodologies, and strategies you can use to deliver system refreshes on SAP HANA faster, more accurately, and with fewer IT resources. By attending this session, you will: - Learn how to manage pre-, copy-, and post-processing phases of the system refresh process…
  • Libelle EDIMON: Automated IDoc Monitoring & Management

    Libelle EDIMON is a simplified way to monitor and manage IDocs across your SAP® System Landscape. The solution automates typical monitoring and troubleshooting tasks in regards to the management of IDocs. It allows you to have a clear picture of the transfer of critical information in and out of your business. So you always know…
  • Business Continuity – How to Keep Your Business Running with Libelle BusinessShadow

    Business continuity is more important than ever. With our Libelle BusinessShadow® solution for disaster recovery and high availability, you can mirror databases and other application systems with a time delay and use our software as an important part of your business continuity plan. Your company is thus protected not only from the consequences of hardware…