Achieve fully automated system refreshes on SAP HANA

Achieve fully automated system refreshes on SAP HANA

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In this session, you will be presented with a demonstration of specific workflows, methodologies, and strategies you can use to deliver system refreshes on SAP HANA faster, more accurately, and with fewer IT resources. By attending this session, you will:

- Learn how to manage pre-, copy-, and post-processing phases of the system refresh process (homogenous system copy) with the help of full-scale automation;
- Learn how to eliminate manual processes and speed up critical steps like BDLS (Conversion of Logical System Names), automate the database copy, and deploy additional automated tasks like data masking; and
- See a live production refresh of ECC on HANADB using the Libelle SystemCopy refresh solution, including all pre-processing steps, a full database copy, all post-processing, and a data masking phase.

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