Reduce Costs and Simplify Architecture using Persistent Memory

Reduce Costs and Simplify Architecture using Persistent Memory

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The mandate to migrate all SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) instances to SAP S/4HANA by the end of 2027 means the action is unavoidable, and one of the biggest architectural and technological challenges comes with how best to handle the large SAP database.  SAP HANA provides an in-memory database management system, however, if retained in main memory there is still the potential of data loss during server reboot, scheduled downtime or power outage.  Reloading all SAP HANA data after loss can be time consuming and costly in terms of performance.

The solution is to use persistent memory (PMem), which is a higher density, non-volatile memory technology that retains its contents like storage but provides speeds that are similar to that of main memory. It provides a unique combination of affordable larger capacity and support for data persistence.

Persistent memory when combined with a cloud solution enables numerous benefits including:

  • At least a 15% reduction in SAP Cloud server cost compared to other non-PMem servers
  • Shorter maintenance windows and increased uptime with up to 12.5x reduction in time needed to restart a HANA database
  • Allows larger or multiple small SAP HANA databases in one scale-up server due to higher memory density and lower cost, simplifying your architecture with less servers.

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