ERP Platform & Infrastructure

The enterprise ERP system is the core of the SAPinsider’s business landscape, representing a single source of both business and financial data. At the same time it also is part of a larger landscape of solutions that consume that data including analytics, financial management, data management, SCM, and HCM. To be successful all these solutions require a supporting platform and infrastructure on which they are deployed. Content in this area will cover a wide range of topics from the SAP and partner technologies across the enterprise ERP space, the enterprise ERP systems themselves, the cloud platforms, providers, and technologies that underpin and support those systems, to the physical infrastructure and operating systems that are needed for SAP products to be deployed. 


  1. digital world

    SAP Takes Partner Applications to Customers Worldwide

    Reading time: 8 mins

  2. Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

    Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

    Reading time: 3 mins

  3. Kurt Hollis

    An Inside Look at SAP’s HANA Release Strategy and How to Optimize Performance


  1. Deloitte Corporate logo image


    Reading time: 9 mins

    SAP HANA is one of the most significant releases in SAP’s history. It represents an enormous shift, bringing traditional ERP processes and functionality together with a high-performance data analytics engine embodied in SAP HANA. Hear directly from SAP Expert Kurt Hollis with key insights into the SAP HANA release strategy and your steps to success…
  2. Orbis AG

    ORBIS helps medium-sized companies and international corporations digitize their business processes: from the joint elaboration of customized big pictures ‘ to the practical implementation of projects. The digitalization and automation of business processes along the entire value chain ensure the competitiveness of our customers. The process-related know-how and innovative flair of our 650 employees combined…
  3. Numeric Technologies inc

    Bringing an innovation to market requires a special mix of curiosity, responsibility, and perseverance. But more important than any of these qualities is vision. Numeric ‘s leadership is united in a shared vision , to partner with our customers to deliver next-generation cloud-native data platforms and applications.
  4. Neoris USA

    NEORIS is a Digital Accelerator and partner of some of the biggest companies in the world. We have provided Tech Consulting services for over 20 years in every continent. We have successfully carried out over 1200 big-scale projects and pride ourselves of servicing over 350 clients around the globe. We provide quality service with our…
  5. Mulesoft

    Emerging technologies , from AI to IoT , are creating incredible business opportunities, but they ‘re also raising customer expectations. And if you don’t meet them, someone else will. Today’s enterprise needs to stay agile, deliver faster, and maximize IT investments. Today ‘s enterprise needs a network of applications, data, and devices connected by APIs,…
  6. Meridian Partners

    Since 2002, Meridian Partners has focused on providing enterprise products and services to public sector, non-profit, and commercial organizations worldwide. We are a preferred partner of the many leading enterprise solutions. Our team of experts has proven experience in the strategy, planning, implementation, and support of both legacy and the latest cutting edge solutions. At…
  7. MIBCON NDC s.r.o.

    MIBCON NDC  is leader in implementation of  SAP Analytics Cloud  solution in Switzerland and one of the key players in Germany and Austria. In 2020 we managed intensive  growth about 40%. Our experienced team realized  more than 90 projects  in BI/EPM area using SAP cloud and on-premise solutions. Our solutions are being used by international…
  8. Linke IT

    Founded in 2010 with a strong SAP Technical background, Linke has consistently grown year after year from a small group of engineers to a 95+ people company where we put all our efforts to make life a little better for us and our customers. At Linke we believe that true cloud services can change companies…
  9. Keyush Consulting

    Keyush Consulting Ltd. (KCL) is an SAP Silver Partner providing ERP implementations and upgrades to a wide mix of small to medium-sized businesses in Canada, the USA and India. With offices in both Canada and India, KCL is perfectly positioned to deliver a range of cost-effective solutions that support even the most complex ERP projects.…
  10. Kloud Data

    KloudData is at the forefront of building transformative software solutions that help market leading enterprises remain ahead of the pack. KloudData ‘s software solutions are built based on its deep expertise in mobility, analytics, and enterprise backend systems presented through breathtaking UI/UX. We are a trusted partner with a proven history of demonstrating innovation and…