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Since 1993, Capgemini has been a leading SAP Global Integration Partner.  Collaborating closely with SAP, Capgemini is developing new products and co-innovating on industry-specific initiatives. Capgemini has the largest SAP S/4HANA® certified group of consultants in the world.  Our more than 20,000 SAP specialists work with world-renowned clients to develop solutions tailored to meet their industry challenges and unique needs, enabling them to become the renewable enterprise, a company able to constantly grow and adapt, ‘renew’ themselves, unlock business value and outpace competition.

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  • Capgemini becomes a Nobel International Partner

    Together with Nobel Prize Outreach, Capgemini uses its deep expertise in innovation and technology to inspire young minds, and build a more sustainable future for all.

  • Capgemini's Fast Customer Data Solutions

    Having a customer focused business means having a complete understanding of your customers across all touchpoints. Bring customer identity, consent, and engagement together for the best connected experience.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • SAP Customer Experience Lookbook

    Capgemini has been a leading global partner of SAP since 1993 and has no plan slowing down. Learn more about Capgemini’s greatest client success stories and how they were able to elevate their customer experience using SAP. 
  • Drive growth with SAP S/4HANA and Capgemini’s Accelerated Migration Factory

    Learn how you can grow and adapt to unlock business value while outpacing competition. 
  • An intelligent supply chain that is ready for anything

    Capgemini and SAP Integrated Business Planning will make you ready for the future. Transform decision making using automation and real-time data to build an intelligent supply chain that can withstand any disruption. 
  • Unlock organizational sustainability

    Sustainability not only helps the planet but helps profit. Allow yourself to cut costs, hire better, and lighten your environmental footprint. Learn more about Green Core with SAP Solutions and unlock a sustainable future. 
  • Transform procurement with SAP Ariba

    Inefficiency is a major reason why many companies fail. Bring your procurement to the next level. Capgemini offers a solution to optimize manuel processes and deliver an improved user experience. 
  • Adapting to change in the workforce

    Capgemini’s SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management allows you to re-define the employee experience and unlock the full business potential of people.
  • Inspiration Day leads to innovation

    Capgemini’s Inspiration Day is designed to let our clients tap into our experience. The goal of every session is to work with our clients to explore the art of possibility and support their business needs.