Kennametal’s Global Rewards Journey with Xoxoday and SAP SuccessFactors

Kennametal’s Global Rewards Journey with Xoxoday and SAP SuccessFactors

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How do you make rewards appealing to your employees? They need to be relevant to their daily lives. That can be a challenge when you have employees in different countries around the world. Kennametal overcame that challenge and increased engagement in its rewards program by providing localized awards with the help of Xoxoday and SAP SuccessFactors.

Xoxoday provided Kennametal with a global, standardized platform for redemption, but provided employees with regionally-relevant awards. Kennametal also worked closely with Xoxoday to ensure the platform met their specific needs, even down to company culture—aligning rewards and recognition to Kennametal’s core beliefs.

“There were things we challenged Xoxoday to do for us that maybe they hadn’t done with other clients, but now they can bring those solutions to other clients,” says Lippa. “We have a relationship to be a little innovative in how we are going to use the program and how we are going to leverage recognition for our employees.”

In this SAPinsider Technology Insight video, hear:

How Kennametal transformed its rewards and redemptions program with Xoxoday and SAP SuccessFactors integration.
Why offering relevant and localized rewards was key to the success of the program.
Kennametal’s co-innovation journey with Xoxoday to build a unified rewards and recognition platform aligning with its core company beliefs that could be applied globally across multiple countries.

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