Avvale AI Solution Wins First Runner-Up at SAP Hackathon

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  1. Avvale Hackathon

    Avvale AI Solution Wins First Runner-Up at SAP Hackathon

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    Avvale has participated in the 2023 SAP Hackathon and won first runner-up for its Project Manager Dashboard (PM Dashboard) solution.
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    Transforming your organization into a digital enterprise involves more than just updating your website or creating a new app. A successful digital enterprise provides a seamless end-to-end customer experience, requires a digitized core business, and last but far from least, has a strong digital ecosystem of business and technology partners. Read on to learn why…
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    Applied Materials, which is currently completing a company-wide initiative to consolidate on one instance of SAP ERP, is seeing more requests for customizations coming into IT as more business users are rolling onto the new platform – and consequently, testing and change management issues are also increasing – so company’s Test Support Office (TSO) has…