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    Transitioning to SAP Datasphere with SAP BW Bridge

    Reading time: 5 mins

    SAP Datasphere is the next generation SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) offering a comprehensive data service built on SAP BTP and provides seamless and scalable access to business data with business context and logic intact. SAP Datasphere allows for data cataloging, data integration, semantic modeling, data federation, data virtualization and analytics capabilities in one single…

  2. SAP Datasphere – An Introduction

    As enterprises adopt data-driven best practices and decisions, the quality of data plays a key role. As data is processed from multiple data sources, the business context to the data is typically lost. Without the right context, business queries on the dataset might not always return the best results, in turn hampering downstream data applications,…

  3. Avvale Leverages SAP Datasphere to Innovate in Analytics

    AI and automation are among the most-discussed emerging technologies in the SAP space. While every organization is eager to leverage their power to deliver advanced analytics, not all IT and business leaders know how to go about setting up their data strategy to make these possibilities a reality. Often, these organizations turn to partners like…

  4. Kickstart your move to SAP Datasphere with Boomi

    Organizations are recognizing the growing importance of aggregating diverse datasets due to AI’s crucial role in their operations. Effective data preparation and integration are essential for optimizing data analytics and AI, leading to faster and more efficient data-driven decision-making and improved business outcomes. As SAP BW’s mainstream support is set to end in late 2027,…

  5. Precog’s AI-Powered ELT Platform Makes Loading Data into SAP DataSphere Simple and Fast

    Precog has completed the rigorous SAP integration testing and is now a certified SAP integration partner. SAP’s 425,000+ customers now have access to Precog’s 2000+ AI-powered connectors — including the ability to add new API data sources in a day.

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    SAP Announces New AI Capabilities for SAP Datasphere, SAP Analytics Cloud, and an Expanded Partnership with Collibra

    Reading time: 4 mins

    SAP has announced new data innovations within SAP Datasphere, and generative AI capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud, aimed at transforming enterprise planning and analyitcs. These added AI capabilities will enable SAP customers to simplify their data landscapes and augment intuitive data interaction for intelligent business transformations. SAP also announced an expanded partnership with Collibra, a…

  7. A Business Data Fabric for All: The Democratizing Power of SAP Datasphere

    In today’s fast-paced business landscape, data is the lifeblood that drives decision-making, innovation, and competitive advantage. However, managing and leveraging data effectively has become increasingly challenging as the volume and complexity of data grow exponentially. SAP recognized this challenge and developed an innovative solution to address it – SAP Datasphere.

  8. Rock-solid mission critical data with SAP Datasphere

    Click Here to View the Session Deck Join us as we walk through the key capabilities and product enhancements in SAP Datasphere, SAP’s next gen data warehousing solution. Learn how SAP Datasphere offers a comprehensive data management solution that delivers seamless and context-rich access to mission-critical business data. You will: Gain a comprehensive understanding of...…

  9. Deep Dive: SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud Designer, and SAP Datasphere

    In this presentation hear the latest on SAP Datasphere, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer. This session will discuss SAP’s analytics capability strategy and will outline the roadmap for these products. This content is for SAPinsider Monthly Subscription, SAPinsider Annual Subscription, and SAPinsider Premium Annual Subscription members only.Log In Join Now

  10. Why SAP Datasphere Matters

    SAP Datasphere, the next generation of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution, solves a lot of the challenges people have with the volume and distribution across data. SAP Datasphere closely aligns existing components in the Business Technology Platform along with newly available data integration, data cataloging, and semantic modeling features.