Maximizing SAP Supply Chain Performance with Reveal

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  1. Lenovo Uses SAP Solutions to Power a World-Class Supply Chain

    Lenovo is also a customer of SAP! In this case study, learn how Lenovo leverages SAP to revamp the entire company with a new services-led business model.

  2. Lenovo Solutions for SAP HANA

    Lenovo Solutions for SAP HANA® drive enterprise-critical insights in real time. Available as appliances or TDI, Scale Up or Scale Out, CapEx or OpEx, these solutions can support the growth plans of any business.

  3. Lenovo Demonstrates Excellence in Global Supply Chain Management

    Lenovo, a global technology manufacturer, has been recognized for their accomplishments in supply chain management, securing the eighth spot in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2023. The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 serves as a benchmark for supply chain officers inspiring innovation and leadership. The honor combines business performance and opinion to establish…

  4. SAP Technology Partner, Lenovo, Unveils Competition Program to Attract STEM Students

    Lenovo has announced the launch of its #Waste2Wonder program giving students the opportunity break into STEM subjects.

  5. Lenovo ThinkAgile VX650 V3 Sets World Record

    The VX650 V3, HCI based on VMware vSAN, delivered records for all three KPIs of the SAP BW Edition for SAP HANA benchmark. Lenovo ThinkAgile.

  6. Innovations from Lenovo that Power the SAP Intelligent Enterprise

    With a long history as a strategic partner of SAP, Lenovo systems are specifically designed to run the SAP business technology platform, for a faster and more reliable way to turn your data into business value.

  7. How Freudenberg IT Meets Hosting Needs for Growing SAP HANA Customer Base

    Freudenberg IT (FIT), one of the world’s largest IT services and cloud providers for SAP applications, is no stranger to the world of SAP software. With its diverse customer base rapidly moving to SAP HANA, FIT realized it needed to evolve with the technological improvements to keep up with customer demand. This led the company…

  8. How SAP IT Operations Analytics Can Boost Performance across the IT Landscape

    In order to run an efficient and agile IT environment, professionals across industries are striving to gain holistic, transparent insights across their IT landscape, identify the root causes behind incidents, and be able to analyze and prevent incidents instead of just reacting to them. But the complexity and segregation within most IT environments prevent organizations...…

  9. Extend the Value of SAP HANA with Big Data

    With a steady influx of data coming into organizations from new and non-traditional sources, businesses are seeking ways to gain insight into this data that can be used for a competitive edge. SAP HANA provides a firm foundation for harnessing structured and unstructured data and enabling the analytics that support better decision making. Learn how…

  10. Take Charge of IT Operations Management

    As IT organizations seek a more strategic role in businesses, data center administrators are on the front lines. They’re asked to do more with less while having to cope with big data. To help with these duties, SAP IT Operations Analytics offers a holistic view across the entire data center landscape with fast day-to-day maintenance…