Restaurant Improved Payroll Efficiency with Automated Local Taxes and Streamlined W-4 Administration

Restaurant Improved Payroll Efficiency with Automated Local Taxes and Streamlined W-4 Administration

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Company Profile

This BSI client is a leading restaurant brand with locations in the United States and Canada, and more than 100,000 associates.

The company’s focus has always been on the guest experience, and this organization has set industry standards for healthy foods and food quality.


Operating in most of the states and hiring many new staff every year, it was becoming increasingly difficult for this company to manage their W-4 administration. The company was dealing with a manual and time-consuming process that was error-prone, especially in managing and assigning the correct local taxes for their employees.


BSI’s time-proven solution helps automate the determination of each employee’s local taxes – often a tedious, manual process. TaxProfileFactory presents and pre-populates the W-4 tax forms, saving time and costs for the payroll and human resources staff, thus ensuring the employer has the capabilities for accurate local payroll tax profiles based on a live and work address. By increasing the frequency and automating the process to update payroll, the employees’ tax profiles were evaluated and updated almost in real-time, helping the client to greatly decrease the number of retro-active corrections needed.

By regularly reviewing and updating the employees’ tax profiles, TaxProfileFactory helped achieve a significantly reduced number of W-2Cs. As an employee’s data changes, which directly impacts an employer’s tax reporting and withholding requirements, TaxProfileFactory provides updates to the employee’s entire U.S. tax profile, so that payroll is automatically updated before the next check is processed.

Overall, this client improved the accuracy in their payrolls because the local taxes were current, updated, and automated. This company also minimized quarterly and year-end payroll tax adjustments, while realizing a return on their investment in the first year. With an improved and more accurate payroll tax assignment process for its employees, this organization also experienced an increase in employee satisfaction on their payroll and human resources teams.

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