Corporate Travel & Consulting Company Solves Remote Workforce Challenges

Corporate Travel & Consulting Company Solves Remote Workforce Challenges

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Company Profile

Founded in 1894, this private corporation, which consists of 46 companies, is known for its corporate travel services, market research, corporate incentive, and consulting services. This organization operates in 41 states, has 7,000 employees, and serves many Fortune 500 clients.


This client was dealing with numerous unique payroll tax related challenges over the course of several years before they engaged with BSI. Their company was growing rapidly, having added 1,000 employees to their team over the course of the past three-year period. Their work-from-home population was also increasing. One of the main issues this organization was having was experiencing inaccuracies with validating local taxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio, where they had a growing number of employees. In fact, they were specifically looking for a partner that could help validate not only live, but work addresses, which were particularly problematic in states like Pennsylvania.

Another challenge was the lock-in letter process, as it was still done manually. The company was also struggling with certain municipal taxes in the location of their Corporate Headquarters.

Finally, there were increasing issues with new hires in tax authorities which had not yet been set up in their payroll system. With their prior software, there was no way to identify when this happened – no error message and no report.


In order to accommodate this client and help solve their concerns, TaxProfileFactory was able to offer the following:

  • Validate accurate payroll tax profiles for the client’s work-from-home population, along with profiles for local taxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio
  • Automate the lock-in letter process
  • Correct the missing municipal taxes
  • Develop an enhancement that would show when a new employee was added in a tax authority not yet set up in the client’s payroll system.

TaxProfileFactory delivered these capabilities, providing this growing, multi-faceted organization with exactly what they needed to get a better handle on their employees’ payroll tax profile concerns.

Thanks to TaxProfileFactory, this client improved the accuracy in their payrolls because the local and municipal taxes were correct. With an improved and more accurate payroll tax assignment process for its employees, this organization also experienced an increase in employee satisfaction with their payroll and human resources teams.

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