SAPinsider Research Insights | Enterprise Cloud Deployment

SAPinsider Research Insights | Enterprise Cloud Deployment

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Digital transformation and the deployment of applications in the cloud has been a key topic of discussion within the enterprise software market for several years but that conversation has been accelerated by the global events of 2020. Organizations whose workforces had been entirely on-site have had to quickly convert to a remote work environment. Many of those companies have scrambled to address critical infrastructure changes and implement cloud-based applications to provide faster and more reliable access for remote users. To determine whether changes in the business environment this year have impacted cloud adoption, SAPinsider surveyed 116 members of our community. The purpose of the survey was to determine what is critical to their cloud deployment, which cloud providers and deployment models they are using, and what workloads they are running in the cloud. Attend this session to:
- Learn what drives organizations in their approach to enterprise cloud deployment
- Discover the top requirements and tools for cloud deployment strategies
- Gain your strategy guidance for optimizing cloud deployment processes

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