SAP Customer Center of Excellence

Virtual Global Summit
April 5-7, 2022

SAP Customer CoE Insights and Customer Cloud Success

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Pedro Arrontes – Program Manager – SAP Customer COE
Andreas Luft – Business Architect

The Customer COE program from SAP provides best practices and guidance on how to set up and run an SAP IT organization. It enables SAP customers to exchange experiences and know-how by leveraging the Customer COE to optimize the overall IT and Business Processes and adopting Cloud solutions. Based on SAP’s experiences a holistic management approach of the Customer COE organization is the most promising way how SAP’s Cloud solutions bring value within your organization. In order to cope with the impact of innovations and new technologies in a cloud and hybrid based system landscape, there are certain capability areas of the Customer COE organization which need to be focused on. By considering these key competencies will help you to position and manage your Customer COE successfully for the future.

Paul Kurchina – SAP Community Evangelist, Analyst and Connector
Gary Erickson – Global VP Partner Learning Content – Partner Ecosystem Success

During this session you will gain a new understanding of the SAP Partner Ecosystem in 2022 and what SAP customers need to know to help them on their SAP journey.

Get an understanding of how SAP is executing a business strategy aligned to their partner ecosystem progression.This is the foundation for how SAP is working with partners, driving a strategic engagement model to support the success of customer cloud transformation.

Derek Prior – Former Gartner Analyst
Resulting IT

So you have a SAP Customer CoE already, great. But how driven are you in building real Customer Success from your huge investment in SAP? 

During this session you will learn about the four Best Practices that I have identified over the last 24 years as an SAP Analyst and in leading SAP Best Practice Forums. These are best practices that you need to be using today? 

Be honest, how closely are you aligned with your Business Strategy and how good at S/4HANA are you right now?

Join me to discover and take away impactful and actionable insights that will make a difference for your organization. 

Ricardo Garcia Cavero – Principal Portfolio Architect
Red Hat
Being in line with SAP’s strategy of keeping the core clean opens the door to lots of new ways of creating applications, allowing the developers to be independent and not constrained by programming languages or platforms, which dramatically increases the speed at which companies deliver new solutions. Having a platform that permits to do this and provides the means to seamlessly integrate the applications with the SAP core is the key to achieve this. In this session we will see how we can leverage Red Hat Openshift and Red Hat Integration to make this required shift, not only technically but first of all in the companies’ way of working adopting DevOps techniques.
Andrew Binns – Director of the Boston-based Innovation Advisory Firm
Change Logic

Many believe corporations cannot innovate and that they should leave disruption to startups. Corporate Explorers are leaders who prove this view wrong by building disruptive new businesses inside established companies. 

SAP systems and processes can and must drive innovation in todays rapidly changing world. Your SAP Customer Center of Excellence have never been in a better position to take the lead to discover, consume and exploit SAP and Partner innovations. It’s time to view your CoE in a new light and a new mindset as thst of a Corporate Explorer. Join us and become part of the Corporate Explorers Club! 

Timo Elliott – VP, Global Innovation Evangelist
JT Malorgio – Chief of Staff for the Chief Customer Innovation Officer

The SAP Innovation Awards honors and celebrates the achievements of forward-thinking companies and individuals that have harnessed the power of the latest SAP solutions to disrupt industries, help the world run better, and improve people’s lives.​ Hundreds of organizations worldwide have shared their stories, but only 60 were chosen as this years finalists, representing a select group of the most innovative companies in the world.

Join this session to know who they are, and learn more about how they are moving ahead of their peers using technology.

Timo Elliott – VP, Global Innovation Evangelist
SAP want to help organizations become intelligent, sustainable enterprises. In this presentation we’ll review the latest challenges and opportunities for digital transformation, look at the latest technologies and programs to help you on your journey, and look at concrete examples of real-world innovation success.
Jake Echanove – SVP, Solution Architecture
Putting SAP on the Cloud is just the first step in a Digital Transformation initiative. Enterprises must also adopt a modern operating model and leverage Cloud technologies to take it even further and put the Cloud in SAP. This enables the most effective operations for your complex monolithic workloads. The experts from Lemongrass, with over a decade of experience managing SAP workloads on public cloud and currently managing 300K+ of SAP systems across the globe, will discuss how you can achieve all the benefits of running SAP across the six pillars of a well-architected SAP on Cloud environment: SysOps, Reliability, Performance, SecOps, FinOps, and Automation and Innovation. 
Vaidya Aiyer – CEO

A recent market report showed that 92% of IT managers report difficulty finding enough talent, as they also struggle to hold onto existing talent in the face of fierce competition. This is a contributing factor to why 74% of companies that started modernizing their legacy IT systems never completed their projects.

At the same time, supply-chain costs are going up. The business units need IT organizations to quickly respond to the changing business needs, innovate, and bring new technologies and processes to business functions.

What can be done?

There is no one-solution-fits-all. In this presentation, the speaker will explore the possible paths to innovation and modernization including ABAP automated transformation, Pre-built tailor-made business applications, low-code/no-code platform and how it can all simplify complex SAP landscape.

Attendance of this presentation will get to explore:

  • The different options you should consider to accelerate business improvements, cleaning SAP core and simplify S/4HANA migrations
  • What to look for in a low-code/no-code solution and what role it can play in accelerating business improvements
  • How enterprises can expedite business process modernization and innovation in the face of talent shortage and complex landscapes
Pedro Arrontes – Program Manager – SAP Customer COE

Customer COEs comprise a very brought knowledge about the SAP ecosystem and respective services and tools.

To shape an innovation roadmap and work on daily tasks it’s important to know where to find the necessary information.

But it’s not only to know about the right repositories and references within SAP but also to put them based on the purpose into the right context.

Based on the Customer COE Core functions you’ll learn during this session which resources, tools and services are relevant to continuously improve and innovate.

And also how to operate your hybrid system landscape more efficient and effective using the right tooling and methodologies.

Will Bratton – Product Management Lead, SAP on Azure Platform Solutions
In this session Will Bratton will cover the Platform and Automation dimensions of the Cloud Center of Excellence for SAP on Azure.
The SAP on Azure Migration Framework will be covered, in addition to a Product overview spanning SAP certified compute, SAP Deployment Automation Framework, Azure Monitor for SAP solutions, Azure Backup for SAP, and Sentinel for SAP Threat Monitoring.
Mahesh Sardesai
Learn about proven strategies to keep your SAP S/4HANA core clean and techniques for governing your projects and operations. We will set the stage with 5 Golden Rules for implementation of SAP S/4HANA, discuss how to establish a strong governance to serve business while implementing with cloud mindset. We will discuss resources and tools that your organization can use today to adopt these principles and keep your ERP core clean.

John Gibson – SVP & Global Head, SAP Business Technology Platform Centre of Excellence

Of course, the SAP Centre of Excellence teams think that an event focused on SAP Customer COEs is the event of the year! 

With over 2,200 separate customer engagements in 2021, the SAP Business Technology Platform COE team is well placed to understand trends within the overall SAP community.  Hear about some of the experiences and techniques from the SAP team plus suggestions as to how your Customer SAP COE team can connect with the SAP COE team to help address complexity, drive a faster time to value and improve how you work with your business users.

Shoeb Javed – Chief Strategy Officer

Agile and DevOps call for the decentralization of testing resources. But is fragmented control really the right approach? In addition to creating and running tests, COEs drive tool standardization, create best practices, train users, maintain documentation for critical business processes, and maintain end-to-end tests that cover multiple applications and project teams. How do you determine the best approach for your organization? Join us as we unpack key considerations for the testing COEs and how automation can play a critical role in ensuring consistency and QA across your enterprise.

  • The forces of change in modern IT environments and their impact on testing
  • The pros and cons of three approaches to modern test management
  • Best practices for incorporating automation into testing methodologies
  • How to leverage reusable automation to ensure quality and scale value
Jeff Kavanaugh – Chief Learner and Sharer
Infosys Knowledge Institute
Enterprises are vital to our green future and fundamental to modern life, yet they fall short of their sustainable promise. This session discusses a practical approach to sustainability across strategy, operating models, and human experience – or simply put: policy, process, and people. It shares research findings from the recent best-selling book Practical Sustainability. The session shows how we can solve half the wicked sustainability challenge in five years, using today’s technology – and then the rest through data-driven R&D that delivers economic viability. It will also provide insights from the Infosys ten-year journey to become carbon-neutral in 2020 and win the UN Climate Action Award. How?  A combination of science such as applied systems design and digital twins, together with human factors and behavioral psychology that drives adoption.
 Get green and get going, and let’s accelerate progress to practical sustainability.
Will Bratton – Product Management Lead, SAP on Azure Platform Solutions
According to IDC, by 2024, more than 75% of organizations will run at least some of their SAP ERP systems on IaaS public cloud.
Will Bratton will cover the vision for the SAP & Microsoft partnership and the motivations for customers to move their SAP estate to the Azure Cloud.
Corinne Reisert – Vice President – Head of SAP Roadmaps
Isabel Rodrigues – SAP Road Map Explorer Business Owner
Want to prepare for the future? Learn how to use SAP’s one-stop-shop for product and industry roadmaps – SAP Road Map Explorer – to get the latest information on upcoming innovations. Get an overview over recent updates regarding the communication of roadmap priorities and Industry Cloud solutions. Use the opportunity to give feedback and share ideas how to make SAP Road Map Explorer even more useful for your daily work.

Aidan McCullen – Host of The Innovation Show, Keynote Speaker and author of “Undisruptable”

Host of the Innovation

Warren Buffett famously said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” but what happens when the tide comes back in?

The pandemic has certainly caught many of us with our pants down if we had any on in the first place. Now that we are returning to a new way of working: we must be deliberate about what are we expecting, things to return to normal, a new normal?

The challenge we face is that not only do we need to adapt to a new way of running an organization and adopt a new are flexible mindset, but we also need to adapt to shifting consumer demands. The pandemic has proved an accelerant for changes that were already underway. It brought us closer to a digital world, but it also gave customers a taste of products that made have taken many more years to diffuse into society. As a result, we must adapt to many shifting forces. This is a challenge, but as humankind has shown since our first days on the planet, we are resilient, we are innovative and we are adaptable.

Some organisations benefitted hugely from the changes while others were obliterated, but for many, their victories lead to their defeats.

When the tide goes out again, will you be ready?

It depends on how you react when the tide is in.

Carsten Puscke – Director Product Management SAP Cross Architecture

High-quality integration across functions and processes is the basis for any company to react with agility and speed to changing market conditions – and at the same time the challenge and opportunity for SAP to provide a well harmonized cloud ready solution portfolio for its customers and partners.

For this, SAP introduced distinct suite qualities that characterize SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise offering of seamlessly integrated applications. Let’s take a look into the recent achievements and how things evolved in the meantime.

Stuart Browne – Managing Director
Having spent 2 decades helping organizations build high performing SAP Centers of Excellence, Stuart Browne shares his ethos on ERP transformation and how modern knowledge management principles could be the difference that makes the difference for your future SAP success.
Jan Meyer – SVP & Head of Learning Systems,
Join Jan Meyer, Head of Learning Systems at SAP, to discover how SAP Learning is creating opportunity through learning and development for all. Don’t miss the chance to hear and learn how you can accelerate innovation and adoption with content available from SAP Learning.

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