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RISE with SAP – Innovation and Hyperscalers

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⇨ Lean about the factors impacting a RISE with SAP decision

⇨ Understand how RISE with SAP is building a platform for innovation

⇨ See the role hyperscalers are playing with RISE with SAP

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Organizations are under pressure to innovate. Legacy systems need to be updated or replaced with solutions that meet today’s needs and offer improved processes and features. New systems must be agile and provide a platform to support future innovation. SAP is positioning RISE with SAP as the solution to address these needs by introducing new business models, improving efficiency in existing processes, and modernizing mission-critical systems—all without disruption.

But while SAP is emphasizing RISE with SAP as the key part of their cloud ERP strategy, many organizations still only have limited familiarity with the solution. But for those that have knowledge, the most important capabilities are those for innovation followed by simplified management and operations as seen in Figure 1. But even though organizations are looking at the capabilities for innovation, those who are using hyperscalers for SAP workloads are much more likely to be considering a move to RISE with SAP (53%) than those who are not (22%).

Figure 1: Factors impacting a RISE with SAP decision

RISE with SAP Chart

Download the benchmark report to read the full data analysis from 152 members of the SAPinsider community and receive recommendations for your own plans.

  • Learn about what is important for organizations around innovation
  • Explore the role hyperscalers are playing in RISE with SAP
  • Understand what types of organizations are looking at RISE with SAP
  • See what you need to do to be ready for RISE with SAP

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