Finance Automation for Greater Process Efficiency to Enable More Value-Add Activities

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ The inspiration to embark on a software system that will assist in process efficiency

⇨ Key insights on the challenges faced during implementation

⇨ Learn the derived benefits from all three modules being implemented at once

As the business continues to grow, the goal was to support the business with minimal increase in headcount. To achieve this, we required process efficiency through greater automation. Various systems (including RPA) were investigated to ensure it was fit for purpose and our vision. Blackline was on the top of the list as it complemented SAP.

We embarked on three modules in Blackline – Task Management, Reconciliation and the Matching modules. We gained most of our efficiencies through the matching module where we focused on three areas to improve – bank clearing, accounts receivable matching and supply chain matching.

  • Taking the journey to discover what system was best for our requirements
  • Our implementation journey with Blackline
  • Learn from our Post go live experiences

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