Russell Raath

Meet the Expert

Russell Raath

Founder, The Ambition Company (USA)


Russell is the Founder of The Ambition Company, a specialist firm that partners with Rockstar Managers and Leaders who want to achieve great results. Prior to founding The Ambition Company, Russell was President of Kotter International, the consulting firm founded by the preeminent leadership and culture guru Dr John Kotter. Originally from Zimbabwe, Russell formerly worked at Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch and enjoyed a successful career with Deloitte Consulting in New York City. The work of The Ambition Company, which has delivered billions of dollars of impact for clients, is anchored in The Ambition Model™-a proprietary framework that builds upon organizational engineering to deliver results at speed. The model is built around the power of an Aspirational Ambition, a well-constructed plan, and a series of deliberate behavior-designed steps to build competitive energy and ownership that drives impact and results.

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