Pierre van Rooyen

Meet the Expert

Pierre van Rooyen

Solution Advisor, SAP Business Technology Platform - Centre of Excellence, SAP Australia


Pierre van Rooyen is an accomplished professional serving as the Regional CoE - SAP Business Technology Platform. With a vast background in international IT and enterprise software organizations, Pierre brings a wealth of expertise in senior sales and business development leadership. He has successfully navigated the complexities of the construction and manufacturing industry, having held prior management positions in these sectors. Throughout his career, Pierre has demonstrated exceptional skills in achieving budget targets, driving impressive growth rates, and spearheading successful market development initiatives. He has a deep understanding of cutting-edge solutions such as SAP's in-memory digital platform, including SAP Hana and SAP Cloud Platform. Pierre's focus lies on emerging technologies, including big data, machine learning, AI, advanced analytics, internet of things, and robotics. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Pierre is a valuable asset in guiding organizations towards innovative solutions and capitalizing on emerging trends. He remains at the forefront of industry advancements, consistently delivering exceptional results and driving success in his field.

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