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Maryann Abbajay is currently the Chief Revenue Officer, SuccessFactors.  In this role, Maryann is responsible for building a sustainable revenue model to ensure continued, robust sales growth and execution globally for SuccessFactors.  Her previous role was Head of the Qualtrics SWAT Team. Maryann has been with SAP for 13 years. During that time, her primary focus has been on SAP’s most strategic customers both in the West and in the UK in various sales and sales management roles. Prior to joining SAP, Maryann held sales and sales management positions with webMethods, Cisco Systems, and Oracle. Maryann is a graduate of University of Georgia.  Her hobbies include hiking, cooking and gardening.  Maryann also enjoys travelling with her husband, Dave, and 2 of their 4 children who are still living at home.      

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