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Bringing Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) Together with Fiori

Australia Post are on a long running program to replace their SAP MSS and ESS Portal with SAP Fiori applications. Through Australian Post’s journey they have inadvertently replicated one of their key current state issues for managers, team members and HR support teams by creating segmented entry points to access our HR Fiori apps. This session they share how their cross functional team have created a single portal by leveraging the Fiori Overview Page to bring together MSS, HR Support and ESS into one portal. Enabling them to achieving simplified user experience, a simplified support model and an uplift in data quality through ease of access and real time integration.

  • How to use the Fiori overview page to deliver a single portal
  • How to simplify the user experience
  • How we avoided repeating the mistake of creating multiple portals

Read the presentation here


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