Unlocking SAP’s Full Potential: Why Prioritizing User Experience is Critical in Today’s Business Landscape

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Key Takeaways

⇨ The new strategic Imperative for UX

⇨ How to adapt current delivery models to include Human Centered Design

⇨ How to measure the success of UX adoption

As the SAP landscape evolves with cloud-based solutions and improved build tools, businesses are still facing challenges with problematic implementations, user adoption issues, and subpar ROI. With budget cuts, headcount reductions, and distributed workforces, it’s never been more crucial for technology to be fully utilized.

That’s why the C-suite must emphasize the importance of user experience to create frictionless technology that meets user expectations and supports sustainable business practices. Now is the time to prioritize UX to unlock the full potential of SAP and achieve optimal business performance.

The benefits include increased user adoption of SAP improving ROI, reduced delivery costs associated with training and change management and adoption of new capabilities and ways of working for ongoing optimization of SAP products.

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