How Workforce Data is Driving Decision-Making at Northern Beaches Council

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Value of data and reporting SME to generate reliable data and analytics, and role of HR to inform and coach managers/leaders in application of the information to their business and workforce.

⇨ How reporting delivers the ROI of your initial expenditure and can build support for future system enhancements.

⇨ Learn from specific data use cases (recruitment and selection) to respond to a business problem.

The mission of the Northern Beaches Council (NBC) is to partner with the community to protect, improve and create our future. This relies on developing and delivering a workforce with the right skills, capabilities, and motivations both today and for the future.

Our suite of SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF) modules now enables us to collect, analyze, and convert reliable and up-to-date data into information enabling improved workforce decision-making. The 2022 -2025 workforce management strategy is testament to the effective extraction of data from People Central (name of our SFSF & UKG modules) combined with other data points such as employee engagement feedback. While real-time data is available to managers directly from the system it is the quarterly aggregation of data in workforce reports that tells the bigger story and enables the tracking of workforce management interventions.

Hear how NBC has achieved a contemporary workforce management strategy as part of the Council’s integrated planning and reporting framework. How quarterly workforce reporting supports manager knowledge and accountability, and how workforce data enables HR Business Partners to increase their strategic impact and value to the organization.

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