How does a Large Governmental Body Institute End-to-End Procurement?

How does a Large Governmental Body Institute End-to-End Procurement?

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As the steward of the world’s 10th-largest economy, the Government of Canada has long been a major purchaser of goods and services of all types. For decades, its agencies worked with point-to-point systems that became too cumbersome to operate. The government recently initiated a multimillion-dollar, five-year project to build an electronic procurement system to simplify sourcing, contracting, accounting, and to give suppliers everywhere greater access to opportunities. The project needed expert guidance and a set of top-notch software products to support the vision of a solid end-to-end solution. How did they did they achieve this?

Attend this session to learn:
- How this investment allowed for an easy transition from the office to working from home
- How Public Services and Procurement Canada completed its transformation journey in a remote environment
- How SAP Ariba-based eProcurement Solution (EPS) established a secure cloud-based remote work environment for its staff and accelerated the procurement of PPE

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