Establish DevOps Practices for SAP during your SAP RISE and SAP Modernization Program

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAP's Intelligent Enterprise and the Business Technology Platform enable organizations to unlock new capabilities and provide seamless access to ERP systems

⇨ Adopting DevOps practices and leveraging business process intelligence can help organizations balance agility and IT governance requirements

⇨ Utilizing SAP BTP, the Tricentis Quality Engineering Platform, and the SAP RISE program can result in accelerated delivery timelines and the ability to deliver high-quality solutions efficiently

In the past, core ERP systems have been monolithic applications with limited capabilities to provide omnichannel access to large internal user communities, business partners and customers. SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise underpinned by SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) changes this fundamentally.

Democratization of access, real time self-service, citizen development, AI are some of the capabilities which enable continuous innovation to provide business value. But how do you combine this fast agile business needs with organizational IT governance requirements of quality, compliance, performance, data integrity and security?

DevOps practices, used by digital natives, may have an answer to our question. Hear from us how you can leverage business process intelligence, SAP BTP and the “Tricentis Quality Engineering Platform” during your SAP RISE program to establish DevOps practices and deliver on the promise of quality at speed. This session will share how you can go from business request to production in five days.

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