DevOps for SAP:  Driving Innovation at Ericsson through CI/CD

DevOps for SAP: Driving Innovation at Ericsson through CI/CD

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Business leaders today are demanding greater responsiveness from their IT teams, and SAP is no exception. Join Ericsson’s Solution Architect Ravi Shah to learn how the company refined development methodologies and aligned SAP with the other elements of its complex software portfolio. In this session, you will examine Ericsson’s adoption of DevOps for SAP and look at how they successfully integrated SAP into an enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery pipeline that enables consistent, repeatable quality of delivery and faster time to market.

Attend this session to:

- Learn the challenges you must address when considering DevOps
- Hear a technical strategy for adoption of DevOps, and view the key stages of the journey
- Understand the criticality of automation tools and how they enable DevOps in SAP
- Discover how SAP can be integrated with other applications in a CI/CD pipeline, and the importance of doing so
- Examine the successful outcomes of DevOps for SAP at Ericsson

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