Empowering Business Applications through SAP-Enabled AI Integration

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Make agile decisions, unlock valuable insights, and automate tasks with AI designed with your business context in mind.

⇨ Use AI that is trained on your industry and company data, driven by SAP process expertise, and accessible in the solutions you use daily.

⇨ Run responsible AI built on leading ethics and data privacy standards while maintaining full governance and lifecycle management across your entire organization.

Embrace the potential of AI empowers organizations to revolutionize decision-making, streamline operations, and foster innovation. Join us for a discussion on the benefits of SAP Business AI. Discover the capabilities of SAP Business AI, features, and gain valuable insights into the roadmap leading to the integration of Generative AI.

You will:

Understand the impact of AI on decision-making processes, operations, and innovation within organizations.
Explore the functionalities of SAP Business AI.
Learn how to leverage SAP HANA ML, SAP AI Core, and SAP AI services to optimize AI-driven processes.
Gain insights the roadmap for integrating Generative AI into business applications.

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