Competitive Advantage Through AI-Powered Talent Management

Competitive Advantage Through AI-Powered Talent Management

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⇨ Make talent management a part of centralized enterprise intelligence. There has been a major focus on centralized enterprise intelligence recently. All key solutions, like SAP BTP, are focused on helping organizations build a centralized view of their enterprise. Talent management solutions should not be an exception. As highlighted above, a robust solution will connect various critical aspects of talent management.

⇨ Plan your roadmap before you embark on the journey.  As we consistently highlight to SAPinsiders, building a roadmap is critical to a successful journey in key technology initiatives, and it looks like the industry experts agree as well on this.

⇨ Pace your journey for success. Plan your journey in a phased way, building foundations for subsequent stages. What is critical in such implementations is the adoption, not just the implementation.

As per statistics released by the Manpower group in 2021, over 20 million jobs were eliminated during a two-month period in 2020. If that was the trough, the current labor market scenario is at its peak. In sharp contrast to 2020, 2022 is the best market that job seekers have experienced over their career. Employers...

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