Elevating Performance with the Science of Ambition

Key Takeaways

⇨ Ambition is a powerful driving force that inspires greatness and fuels transformative change

⇨ Leading with Aspiration and Energy can ignite Ambition within teams and accelerate performance

⇨ Learn from real-world examples and insights on leveraging Ambition as a catalyst for achieving exceptional results

Ambition is present at the core of almost every change we create and desire – good and bad. It has always been a driving force, inspiring greatness, and the conquest of new frontiers.

And yet in our working world we are witnessing record levels of dispassion and apathy. The smart leaders know it’s time to lead from a position of Aspiration and Energy. Learn how successful leaders have taken advantage of the power of Ambition to fuel change that has led to high-impact acceleration for their teams.

Russell Raath is the Founder of The Ambition Company, a specialist firm that partners with Rockstar Managers and Leaders who want to achieve great results. Prior to founding The Ambition Company, Russell was President of Kotter International, the consulting firm founded by the preeminent leadership and culture guru Dr. John Kotter.

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