Case Study: Coles Group HXM Move from SAP On-Premise to ECP

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Coles Group successfully migrated from SAP On-Premise to Employee Central Payroll (ECP) using the Nexus Powered "lift-and-shift" approach.

⇨ The migration allowed Coles to preserve the full history of employee master data and enabled retrospective payroll processing within ECP.

⇨ By leveraging the Nexus Suite, Coles significantly reduced the time and costs associated with the migration, completing it in just 23 hours and achieving a high return on investment.

Coles Group Limited, an Australian company primarily engaged in retail, operates through its physical stores and online platforms, offering a range of products such as fresh food, groceries, household goods, liquor, fuel, and financial services. After utilizing SAP On-Premise for 13 years, Coles has decided to transition to ECP/EC using a Nexus Powered approach known as “lift-and-shift” with necessary improvements like Enterprise Restructure and Configuration Rationalizations. Notably, they successfully migrated their complete employee master data from their Employee Central Payroll environment and conducted Retroactive Payroll Processing within ECP.

Read the case study to learn how Coles Group utilized the Nexus Suite to streamline their payroll migration, saving time and costs while ensuring accurate retrospective payroll processing. Read the full case study for valuable insights.

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