Serialization Data Archiving for Biotest Pharmaceuticals

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Implemented an archiving process for SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP).

⇨ Rearranged serial management by breaking down serial number sequences into smaller ranges to avoid a ripple effect.

⇨ Ensured continued performance of serialization system and connected production of serialized medicines.

Biotest, a pharmaceutical developer, faced a challenge with the exponential growth of data in their serialization database. After five years of successful operation, they recognized the necessity of implementing an archiving-on-time process to prevent potential performance issues in their SAP ATTP system. While they understood the importance of proactive measures, Biotest lacked the technical expertise for implementation. Turning to Engineering Industries eXcellence, their trusted partner and SAP specialist, Biotest embarked on a digital transformation journey.

The collaboration resulted in the development and implementation of a custom archiving system within SAP ATTP, ensuring high performance while simplifying the tracking, grouping, and archiving of serial numbers. This solution alleviated the risk of production delays by enabling easy auditing and consumption of serial numbers at regular intervals. Leveraging their extensive experience in tracking and tracing systems for the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industry, Engineering Industries eXcellence seamlessly integrated the archiving process into Biotest’s existing infrastructure.

Biotest’s decision to partner with Engineering Industries eXcellence was informed by the latter’s proven track record, comprehensive service offerings, and compliance expertise, particularly regarding regulations like the EU-FMD. With Engineering Industries eXcellence’s support, Biotest continues to navigate their digital transformation journey with confidence, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and maintaining operational efficiency in their serialization processes. This collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in addressing complex technological challenges within the pharmaceutical industry and paves the way for Biotest to embrace future innovations with ease.

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