SAP EWM MFS Integration – Sigma Healthcare Case Study

Published: 10/03/2023

Reading time: 1 mins

Key Takeaways

⇨ Sigma Healthcare successfully transitioned from manual processes to an automated, integrated system with SAP EWM in their Hobart distribution centre.

⇨ Direct integration, without third-party middleware, has significantly improved efficiency and pick accuracy.

⇨ With the project's success, Sigma plans more S/4HANA rollouts with The Config Team in the upcoming years.

Sigma Healthcare, a prominent pharmacy distribution business in Australia, grappled with challenges stemming from outdated warehousing efficiency and dependence on manual processes. In response, they sought the expertise of The Config Team, setting an ambitious goal to directly integrate their newly designed conveyor system with SAP EWM, thus eliminating the need for middleware. This transformative collaboration yielded tangible benefits, most notably enhancing order accuracy and minimizing delivery disruptions through the implementation of MFS integration, advanced scanning capabilities, and a custom-built SAP Fiori application. This strategic shift towards direct integration not only bolstered the operational capacity of their Hobart site but also marked a triumphant, technology-driven transition from age-old manual operations.

Learn how Sigma Healthcare revolutionized their Hobart distribution centre with SAP EWM – Dive into the full story!

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