Case Study: Increase Customer Focus with SAP FSM

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Key Takeaways

⇨ IMV Imaging transformed their field service operations using SAP Field Service Management, enabling real-time updates and better service management.

⇨ Integration challenges were tackled with software upgrades, but changing ingrained team practices took more effort.

⇨ Features like technician checklists and workflows will further enhance service accuracy and team utilization.

IMV Imaging, a leader in veterinary imaging, grappled with the challenges of managing its expanding field service team and the need for real-time communication with customers. Turning to Coresystems, they implemented the SAP Field Service Management software; however, the transition wasn’t without its hurdles, requiring several adjustments to their processes. The new system reaped numerous benefits, such as enhanced service call management, streamlined operations with technician checklists, and the ability to instantly provide service completion documents to customers. The overarching lesson is clear: even amidst challenges, the right digital tools can bring about monumental improvements in field service operations.

Explore IMV Imaging’s transformative journey to understand the power of digital transformation in optimizing field service operations, download the case study now!

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