Case Study: HomeMade – Customer Experience

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Key Takeaways

⇨ HomeMade's self-service portal, built with SAP BTP, empowered customers to manage their own aged care services, providing transparency, flexibility, and control.

⇨ The portal improved internal processes, increased collaboration, and enhanced visibility of workflow tasks, leading to greater efficiency and better health outcomes.

⇨ With the customer-led solution, HomeMade achieved increased engagement, higher care funding budgets, and substantial annual savings for customers in management fees.

HomeMade, a leading provider of aged care services, partnered with Bourne Digital to implement a transformative self-service portal solution using SAP BTP. The portal empowered HomeMade’s customers to take control of their own healthcare budget and select their desired in-home services online, offering unprecedented transparency, flexibility, and choice. The user-friendly and transparent portal not only benefited the customers but also improved internal processes, fostering collaboration and enhancing visibility across workflows. The successful implementation resulted in increased efficiency, higher customer engagement, improved health outcomes, reduced administrative fees, and significant cost savings for HomeMade’s customers. Recognized as a finalist at the SAP Global Innovation Awards 2023, this case study showcases the power of digital innovation in revolutionizing the aged care industry and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

Read the case study to explore how HomeMade revolutionized aged care services, empowered customers, and achieved remarkable efficiency gains and cost savings with their self-service portal built on SAP BTP.

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