Building a SAPUI5 Application with Custom Controls

Building a SAPUI5 Application with Custom Controls

Reading time: 4 mins

SAPUI5 offers a large set of controls but sometimes the requirements for a developer go beyond the scope of the existing controls. An example of such advanced cases is when you want to edit and annotate PDF files using a SAPUI5 application. The SAPUI5 Custom control approach allows a developer to create a bespoke SAPUI5 control such that it is compatible with the SAPUI5 framework. This is a series of articles consisting of three major parts. The first part shows a sample application that demonstrates the use of the new custom control. The second part demonstrates how the WebViewer control is wrapped as a SAPUI5 custom control. The final part involves the development of a set of OData services that allows to read and update PDF files on the server from my SAPUI5 application.
In this article you will:
• Explore the SAPUI5 application with custom control.
• Know how to create and modify the SAPUI5 Custom Control.
• Learn to connect the custom control to OData services.

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