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How SAP Users Can Tackle Errors through Utilization of ITSM Connectors

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⇨ In the world of expanding data and production demands, errors in SAP landscapes are inevitable, which is why companies need to have an organized mitigation and testing system in place.

⇨ Although software like Jira proves to be an asset in SAP landscapes' incident management, manual issuing of tickets can be a time-consuming and unproductive process.

⇨ Through integration of SAP and Jira with the help of connectors like STA's ITSM, SAP users can automate the process of ticket issuing, making the process of error mitigation faster and easier.

In a perfect world, businesses would always experience a smooth and seamless running of their systems. No mistakes would be made, and no bugs would be detected and reported. However, with the growing global demands in production and expanding amounts of data, errors are inevitable. Therefore, SAP users turn to solutions that could equip them with an organized mitigation system in place.

To report defects found in the quality system of an SAP landscape, many organizations turn to software development tools like Jira. Although an asset in the development and bug tracking efforts, it can involve manual creation of incident tickets which is a time-consuming and unproductive process. With the constant drive for growth and efficiency, businesses should be able to resolve errors fast to not affect production speed and costs.

Enter STA Technologies, a specialist in integrated communication systems, cloud technology, and audio-visual solutions. Understanding the importance of automation for efficiency, STA developed SAP-certified IT service management (ITSM) connectors. By using STA’s ITSM connector, organizations can integrate their SAP and Jira systems and therefore simplify and speed up their SAP incident management process.

How this works is ITSM connector allows SAP users to create Jira tickets directly from SAP. Whenever an SAP user runs into a problem, they can create a ticket from SAP GUI. When the user clicks the “Create Support Message” menu item, the ITSM connector starts, and the user can also attach a screenshot to the ticket. Afterwards, the default template for Jira can be used to enter the subject and description of an error. After entering the data, ITSM connector automatically sends the ticket to Jira while maintaining the rules and configuration of a user’s SAP. Similar process of ticket issuing can be applied in Fiori apps.

The function of automated ticket creation and data collection within the SAP landscape can be hugely beneficial for the needs of businesses. Not only does it reduce a time-consuming process of manual incident ticket issuing, but it also integrates SAP and Jira systems with each other. That integration is crucial for those organizations that are currently embarking on their cloud migration journeys, especially in cases of S/4HANA migration.

Although errors are an inevitable part of any business, integrating software with an SAP landscape can speed incident resolution processes, making the cloud migration journey smoother and easier.

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