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How Cloud Integration Platforms Can Help SAP Users Improve Transparency and Communication

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⇨ With the growing need to digitalize and modernize their systems, SAP users are seeking solutions that could help integrate their SAP system with external applications easily and seamlessly.

⇨ Cloud integration platforms like Looply are designed to integrate with external platforms like Microsoft Teams, providing such features as invoice tickets that are streamlined directly into Teams.

⇨ By using platforms like Looply, SAP users can easily integrate purchase requisition and invoice approval processes between their SAP system and external applications.

Today, many companies feel that traditional ways of managing SAP systems require a lot of manual handling and are not efficient enough to fulfill required business goals in time. This is especially the case in functions, such as purchase requisition and invoice approval. With the growing need to digitalize their systems, organizations adopt various external applications, including Microsoft Teams. However, the data that is created in the SAP system needs to be reflected in these external platforms, so what is the fastest and easiest way of doing that?

Take Looply, a cloud platform developed by Arch Consulting. It was designed specifically for integration with Microsoft Teams. The main functions enable users to bring SAP notifications and approvals into Microsoft Teams so that users are promptly informed and can easily make decisions between the two platforms.

The primary aspect that SAP users can benefit from using a platform like Looply is the ability to manage tasks such as purchase requisition straight in Microsoft Teams. That means that employees will not need to distract their attention from working in Teams and be able to respond to invoice tickets created in the SAP system right inside the application through Looply’s Adaptive Cards which work through Teams on any device.

Furthermore, the platform can help to improve transparency: when a company is using Looply for internal notifications, process stakeholders see immediately when an event is triggered with the SAP system. As a result, such transparency together with adaptive graphical cards paves the way for more effective communication. The cards dynamically update as statuses and information change, presenting up-to-date information in an easy, visually stimulating format.

All in all, in the continuous efforts of digital transformation and modernization of SAP systems, organizations can pave the way toward success by adopting cloud integration platforms like Arch Consulting’s Looply. By utilizing the ability to seamlessly integrate purchase requisition and invoice approval processes between the SAP system and external applications, businesses can accelerate their operations and achieve more effective communication between employees and stakeholders.

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