Complementing SAP BTP with Second-Party Optimization Tools

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAP BTP is complex and costly despite its top recommendation for app development.

⇨ Neptune DXP simplifies development with basic skills and offers an alternative to SAP BUILD.

⇨ Certified for SAP BTP, Neptune DXP streamlines processes for efficient business growth.

Navigating the complexities of SAP BTP presents significant challenges as SAP users often struggle with operational intricacies and predicting the costs associated with their operations. The platform, while powerful, isn’t always the easiest to operate or budget for but this doesn’t change the fact that it’s the number one SAP-recommended platform for custom app development. 

While SAP BTP’s array of capabilities benefits SAP users with database and analytics services, integration features, predefined content, artificial intelligence and security measures, it presents challenges in terms of operation and cost predictability. Unlike offering a single comprehensive toolset, it provides various technology stacks, services and development tools that aren’t fully integrated. This necessitates significant bandwidth and skill sets from your IT team, making app development a high-maintenance and costly endeavor. 

Finding second-party optimization tools therefore becomes essential to addressing these challenges. 

That’s where companies like Neptune Software, a low-code application development platform vendor, become important for business efficiency. The Neptune DXP is not just an addition to SAP BTP but a comprehensive alternative to SAP BUILD Apps, which might seem simplistic for some needs, and SAP BUILD Code, which can be overwhelmingly complex, offering a consistent toolset developed by a single vendor. 

Neptune DXP stands out by requiring only ABAP or JavaScript skills, in stark contrast to the varied and specialized skill sets demanded by SAP BUILD’s multiple tools. This simplicity accelerates development times and reduces the need for rare (and expensive) expertise.

By combining SAP BTP with Neptune DXP, users can navigate the intricacies of app development with greater ease and confidence, unlocking new opportunities and ensuring the success of their businesses. 

Neptune DXP allows businesses to create apps beyond SAP BTP’s templates, offering both no-code application building blocks and low-code templates for rapid development. It simplifies innovation by addressing functional gaps, managing on-site pain points in the cloud or on-premise, and integrating with the broader SAP ecosystem, including 90+ BTP services, through a straightforward, API-first approach, emphasizing its ease of use and flexibility. 

Certified for SAP BTP, Neptune DXP can be activated within minutes, ensuring immediate value addition to the SAP landscape. 

Neptune DXP’s no-code/low-code approach streamlines complex enterprise processes, making them simpler and more efficient. It complements existing IT strategies, landscapes, and architectures, facilitating seamless transitions to the cloud and supporting S/4 migrations with continuous side-by-side extensions. 

Given the substantial investment in SAP, efficiency gains are paramount. Neptune DXP not only maximizes the potential of SAP BTP but also saves time and money in the long run, ensuring that projects and business demands are met promptly and effectively. By embracing second-party optimization tools, SAP users can navigate the complexities of app development with confidence and drive sustainable growth for their businesses.

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