Speed Up Process Change for SAP ERP

Speed Up Process Change for SAP ERP

Your ERP Needs To Be Agile and Responsive

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Use low-code development

⇨ Integrate workflows to accelerate ERP processes

⇨ Promote collaboration between your citizen and professional developers

Businesses need to innovate faster to survive and compete, but outdated ERP systems limit their ability to be innovative. How does innovation translate into today’s business landscape? It is the ability to move fast, in an agile fashion, enabling rapid response to change.

One approach to make your existing SAP ERP system more agile and responsive is using low-code application development to create a connected system of action that can operate across siloes systems. Low-code application development tools help democratize workflow development among other roles in the organization, such as business process analysts, to create applications and automate processes quickly.

By using low-code platforms to enable citizen developers, organizations can slash app development time and boost speed and agility. And low-code allows SAP platform owners to cut technical debt by having new functionality built outside of the SAP core, creating a more manageable migration of their ERP platform to the cloud and SAP S/4HANA — tapping into more agile innovations to meet high volumes of change consistently.

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