Cleansing and Migrating Data into SAP S/4HANA with Data Migration International / JiVS

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⇨ Companies that still operate on legacy systems need to plan their transformation journey to SAP S/4HANA.

⇨ To help with this transformation, Data Migration International’s “JiVS’ One Click Transformation” automatically transfers legacy data to its Information Management Platform (IMP).

⇨ Organizations should also consider how they will retire older applications while moving onto new ones.

Many SAP organizations have yet to begin their SAP S/4HANA migrations – many of them have yet to even enact a planning phase. These organizations are likely to run into significant challenges as they attempt to migrate their data from legacy system. Each company will have their own unique challenges but will want similar outcomes – cleaned and harmonized data that is moved to SAP S/4HANA quickly.
To help these organizations meet their goals, Data Migration International and their product JiVS provide a platform that simultaneously cleanses and migrates data by focusing only on what is essential. This platform ensures compliance and minimizes downtime. Data Migration International is powered by AI and automation capabilities that help speed up time to value. This platform can help organizations minimize technical debt while bolstering data quality – all while ensuring that they meet the 2027 SAP end of maintenance deadline.

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