8 Steps to Implementing a Successful Restructure

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Data Cleaning and Visualization: Clean and accurate HRIS data is essential for a successful restructure, and visualizing this data through org charts aids in identifying errors and vacancies.

⇨ Future State Scenarios: Creating and analyzing multiple future state scenarios allows organizations to assess different outcomes, consider various factors, and make informed decisions.

⇨ Effective Management Review: Simplifying the approval process through self-serve options and tracking changes helps maintain project momentum and enables quick access to accurate information.

Read the 8-step checklist for successfully implementing a restructure in an organisation. It emphasizes the crucial role of HR in the process and highlights the significance of workforce modelling to achieve effective restructuring outcomes. The checklist covers aspects like data assessment, visualization, future state scenarios, management review, and coordination of approvals, providing valuable guidance for HR professionals seeking to execute a successful restructure.

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